E 14 1031 Exchanges 1
Episode 14

1031 Exchanges: Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge

1:25:24 - 04/11/2024

In this episode of Land Investor podcast, Matt and Ryan are accompanied by Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge from Accruit.

E 13 Due Diligence Overview 2
Episode 13

Due Diligence Overview

0:50:13 - 03/28/2024

In this episode of Land Investor podcast, we kick off a new Due Diligence series. Hosts Matt and Ryan explore the complex world of land transactions and emphasize the importance of due diligence when investing in land.

Why We Hunt Episode 12 LI Podcast
Episode 12

Why We Hunt: Jason Matzinger and Willi Schmidt

1:26:46 - 03/14/2024

In this episode of the Land Investor podcast, hosts Matt and Ryan are joined by well-known hunting personalities Jason Matzinger, an award-winning film & television producer and host of the popular TV show Into High Country on the Sportsman Channel, and Willi Schmidt, lifelong hunter & conservationist and the host of Pure Hunting TV show.

E 11 Montana Hunting Tags
Episode 11

Montana Hunting Tags: Resident and Non-Resident Applications

0:27:18 - 02/22/2024

In this short episode of Land Investor podcast, our hosts, Matt and Ryan, delve into the specifics of big game hunting tag application processes in Montana, covering options for both residents and non-residents.

E 10 Tailored Land Management 1
Episode 10

Tailored Land Management: Dan Durham and Logan Miller from Ranch Resources

1:02:42 - 02/08/2024

In this episode of Land Investor podcast, hosts Matt and Ryan sit down with Dan Durham and Logan Miller from Ranch Resources to discuss the benefits of a personalized approach to land management.

E 9 2024 Q1 Market Update
Episode 9

2024 Q1 Market Update with Greg Fay, David Ingle, Ren Martyn, and Alex Robertson

0:53:34 - 01/25/2024

In this special quarterly episode of Land Investor podcast, our hosts, Matt and Ryan, look back at the 2023 land market and provide a forward-looking perspective on 2024.

E 8 Water and Fisheries Conservation 1
Episode 8

Water and Fisheries Conservation: Rob Van Kirk from the Henry's Fork Foundation

1:11:12 - 01/11/2024

Join us in this episode of the Land Investor Podcast as we introduce Rob Van Kirk, the Science and Technology Director at the Henry's Fork Foundation in Island Park, Idaho.

E 7 Opportunities of Ownership
Episode 7

Opportunities of Ownership: 2023 Recap

1:24:32 - 12/14/2023

In this episode, hosts Matt and Ryan reflect on the recurring theme of the "opportunities of ownership" in the context of ranches and land. Our hosts revisit some of the expert interviews of 2023.

E 6 Sustainable Ranching And Community Connection
Episode 6

Sustainable Ranching and Community Connection: Cole Mannix's Old Salt Journey

1:21:46 - 11/09/2023

In this episode, we sit down with Cole Mannix, a fifth-generation Montana rancher and the visionary behind Old Salt, a company that connects consumers directly with meat products sourced from local ranches and operated by its own dedicated employees.

E 5 Optimizing Ranch Performance
Episode 5

Optimizing Ranch Performance: Todd Graham from Ranch Advisory Partners

1:15:00 - 10/12/2023

In this month's episode of Land Investor podcast, we sat down with Todd Graham, the founder and managing partner of Ranch Advisory Partners.

E 4 Fay Rural Community Foundation
Episode 4

BONUS EPISODE: Fay Rural Community Foundation: Susan Ferrin

00:48:44 - 09/28/2023

In this episode, Susan Ferrin, Executive Director of the Fay Rural Community Foundation, explores the challenges faced by rural communities and the foundation's overarching mission to support these communities.

E 3 Ranching Restoration and Responsibility
Episode 3

Ranching, Restoration, and Responsibility: Jeff Laszlo's Stewardship Journey

1:20:56 - 09/13/2023

In this podcast episode, Jeff Laszlo shares the rich history of his fourth-generation, family-owned ranch and his efforts to restore the wetlands of Odell Spring Creek.

E 2 Conservation Easements
Episode 2

Conservation Easements (Preserving Land, Property Value, and Land Trusts): Chad Klinkenborg & Dan Mahoney

1:35:43 - 08/09/2023

In this month's podcast episode, we had the chance to talk with Dan Mahoney, renowned Montana fishing outfitter and broker associate with Fay Ranches, and Chad Klinkenborg, with Montana Land Reliance.

E 1 Hunting and Wildlife Management
Episode 1

Hunting and Wildlife Management: Rob Arnaud

1:39:35 - 07/12/2023

In this month’s episode, we had the pleasure of talking with fourth-generation Montanan Rob Arnaud, the former owner of Montana Hunting Company.

Land Investor Podcast intro

Land Investor Podcast Introduction

5:42 - 06/30/2023

Welcome to the Land Investor Podcast. In this brief episode, your hosts, Matt Henningsen and Ryan Bramlette, introduce themselves and the Land Investor Podcast.

Land Investor Podcast digital FR1223 P02 Version 1 1

Land Investor Podcast Trailer

00:57 - 05/22/2023

Join us each month for a new episode of the Land Investor Podcast hosted by Fay Ranches agents, Ryan Bramlette and Matt Henningsen.

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