At Fay Ranches, we are proud of our agents, the culture, and the family that we have cultivated over the years. A big part of the team is the Women of Fay Ranches. These gals have worked hard to pave their way through the industry and come out on top. They continue to raise their families while working hard to help people find their dream property. We asked agent Jesica Hicks, agent Joette Schalla, and the daughter of agent Kimberly Lowry, Isabelle Lowry, about their perspective on being a woman in the agricultural industry.

What are the benefits of growing up on a ranch? What lessons did you learn during that time?

Hicks: Growing up in a rural setting quite a ways out of town, with no nearby neighbors, we depended almost exclusively on ourselves for food, transportation, and entertainment. We actually lived off the grid when I was a kid, which is not as crazy as it sounds. We had a generator and propane, so we could fuel a stove, and we had a fireplace. At the time, I hated living in a small town, because we didn’t have a lot to do, so we relied on doing those chores, being outside, and using our imaginations. Now, as an adult, I’m very thankful for that.

Lowry: My favorite part about life on a ranch is being able to grow up and raise my show animals that I have enjoyed traveling around the nation with. With this, I have learned how important it is to set goals and then chase them by working day in and day out and learning new things from more experienced people that I can then use to work toward success. I have been blessed with the opportunity to build relationships with mentors around the country who have believed in me and made an investment to help me learn to improve my skills and reach my goals.

Schalla: My childhood was different from many of the kids I attended school with. I had responsibilities in feeding animals, checking/filling water, exercising horses, and tending to gardens and our living windbreaks. My brothers and I would find time to enjoy the great outdoors and play with the animals that we had to help care for. We tried to teach many of our animals to ride or drive. It was always an adventure, and very few of our schoolmates grew up in this special way. We had friends whom we would ride horses with, swim in the ponds, and spend time roping anything that would give us an opportunity. We learned many valuable life lessons through 4-H and Pony Club. We understood being responsible for our animals and learned about buying and selling the animals we raised and cared for. We learned money management and fundamental business strategies at a very young age. All of these experiences have proven to be priceless throughout my life.