Costa Rica sits in the southern part of Central America. It offers miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, 28 National Parks, and temperatures that stay favorable year-round. Being easily accessible by air from a wide range of destinations and offering extraordinary scenery and adventure has made it a thriving tourist hub. With a stable economy and the longest-standing democracy in Central America, Costa Rica is experiencing an influx of money coming into the country from foreign investors — everything from retirement chalets to Airbnb beach homes or self-sustaining agricultural land. The country's welcoming nature, comparatively low prices, and protective real estate laws make it an attractive option. Here are three compelling reasons why some investors are choosing Costa Rica.

Reason # 1 – Welcoming to Investors

Before putting money in foreign soil, most investors would ask if it is a secure place to invest. Most investors would not pursue a real estate investment if they weren't reassured that they were investing in a stable and welcoming place. Costa Rica not only boasts a long history of economic and political stability but also promotes foreign investment through several benefits and initiatives aimed at supporting and facilitating foreign investors.

Supportive Legislation and Organizations – The government and country encourage foreign investments. One way they do this is through the Free Trade Zone Regime, which offers a set of incentives and benefits the Costa Rican government grants to businesses making new investments in the country, including tax incentives on income, imports, and exports of goods, among many others. The area welcomes outsiders when you come willing to invest in their country. Through the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, CINDE, a non-profit organization, businesses have received guidance on navigating Costa Rica's streamlined regulatory environment for over 40 years. CINDE has been recognized globally for its leadership in attracting foreign direct investment and was even given recognition at the United Nations International Trade Center. The country has seen benefits come through foreign investors and, therefore, continues to endorse and advocate for it.

Zero Ownership Restrictions – Foreigners can absolutely own a free and clear title to property in Costa Rica. The legal framework around purchasing property in Costa Rica is crafted to safeguard the rights of both local and foreign buyers. Citizenship, residence, or presence in the country is not required for land ownership. Costa Rica recognizes that investors often provide more jobs, revenue, and opportunities. So long as Costa Ricans can preserve their natural land and maintain their "pura vida" lifestyle, they welcome you to join them.