Since the pandemic, we've seen a shift in the needs and wants of buyers. Pre-pandemic buyers typically wanted to buy bare land and build their own dream as opposed to buying into someone else's. 

But that narrative has shifted. Buyers are looking for ranches they can enjoy now to serve as a refuge for their family, not years down the line when they can get on an architect and contractor's schedule. 

The pandemic also shifted the percentage of absentee buyers. In many cases, absentee buyers lack local connections, making the thought of improvements and building that much more overwhelming. 

We're sitting down with Ryan Bramlette, ALC, Ranch Sales, at Fay Ranches' and his wife, Kiyomi Bramlette, owner and principal interior designer at DesignHouse, to talk about how they've seen this shift in their own work and the advice they have for investors and families in this position.

What are the key considerations a buyer needs to take into account if they want to find an investment property they can enjoy with their family as soon as possible?


In addition to standard due diligence, buyers seeking immediate enjoyment of their ranch have a few different scenarios to explore.

The first scenario involves discovering the elusive turn-key ranch, where they can simply drive through the gate and immediately start enjoying the property, along with the existing improvements. While some remodeling is still likely to make it their own, they can, at the very least, have a comfortable space to use right away.

The second scenario often considered by clients is to acquire undeveloped land. In this case, they might consider buying a home in the nearby town or even using short-term rentals like Airbnb while they assemble a team to build the desired improvements on the ranch and then perhaps selling the house in town, hopefully for a profit.

The third scenario, which I believe to be ideal, is finding a ranch that includes a smaller, modest, and comfortable home on the property. This home can be used immediately while the client organizes a team to construct a main ranch residence. After the main ranch residence is complete, they may choose to remodel the original home, converting it into a guest house.


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